AGAR Chemicals

The industry experts, Agar Chemicals has been manufacturing high-performance cleaning products for over 50 years. All Australian made, each product is packed full of the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum concentration and the best results.

Boost the cleaning power of your business AGAR Chemicals. Get the cleaning products that provide performance! AGAR Chemicals offers its clients quality commercial and industrial cleaning products that are ultra-concentrated and packed with an unprecedented level of value.

Get Results

  • Clean faster with high performance products
  • Impress with a brilliant clean and professional finish
  • Improve hygiene, prevent cross-contamination
  • Field tested and proven for reliable results
  • Minimise environmental impact with the GECA licenced range

Save Time

  • Boost output with high performance chemicals
  • Formulated to work quickly to save you time and money
  • Get the job done right the first time – no re-application!

Reduce Expenses

  • Ultra-concentrated chemicals go a long way!
  • Enhance your business’s profits with lower periodic costs
  • Get systems to minimise wastage and product misuse

Improve Safety

  • Proactive & consistent service
  • Full range of compliance support materials
  • Product formulations designed to be gentler on patrons & staff
  • Educate staff easily with onsite and online training
  • Place orders 24/7 with Agar’s convenient online ordering
  • Colour Coded Cleaning System makes cleaning simpler & safer

AGAR Chemicals –  CAP-IT-OFF

CAP-IT-OFF is an encapsulation cleaner for use on all types of carpet and washable fabric upholstery. CAP-IT-OFF encapsulates soils so they can be removed by vacuuming when dry.

What is Encapsulation?

Carpet encapsulation is the process where a chemical is worked into the carpet with a mechanical action. The soil is enclosed (encapsulate) in a crystal onto the carpet fibres which is easily removed from the fibres when vacuuming. The science of encapsulation is the crystalline polymers that are added in addition to the detergents. – Click here to Learn More