Diversey Chemicals

Diversey Chemicals

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Green cleaning can be defined as the use of cleaning products, tools, equipment and methods that protect the health of building occupants, lower the total cost of cleaning, and prevent environmental damage. For cleaning to be ‘green’, the products must effectively remove pollutants and pathogens from the building without introducing new risks to occupants. Green cleaning methods are extremely important to ensure the products, tools, and equipment are used properly.

Diversey Care have been pioneers in the commercial cleaning and hygiene business for centuries, growing into a world leader throughout the 20th century, serving customers from all corners of the globe. Today, they are joined as part of the Sealed Air Corporation and innovate in providing cleaning supplies for the industry.

Every Diversey product available on the market is as a result of their desire to constantly innovate and develop new technologies and practices that continuously evolve with the changing world. Diversey offer a wide range of cleaning and janitorial products that offer customised solutions for a variety of industries, including building care, food and beverage production, floor care, fabric care, and more.

At WACER, a wide range of Diversey supplies are available. Notable products include –

Carefree Matte Floor Finish, Clean Air – Commercial Grade Disinfectant. Deodoriser, Cream R7 Disinfectant, Cyclone Premium Bleach, Diverclean C3 – Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner, Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Glance Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, Commercial Grade Disinfectant; Toilet Cleaner, Knockout – Commercial Grade Disinfectant, Deodoriser etc.

Diversey Chemicals are trusted by the cleaning industry as reliable and powerful professional-grade products that make cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection tasks easier.