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From battery-powered walk-behind floor sweepers to industrial rider sweepers, WACER has you covered. We specialise in supplying cleaning professionals and contractors with reliable, sturdy and effective floor sweeping equipment in Perth. Just let us know your requirements and we will match the perfect product to suit your needs.

From slick and shiny showroom floors to heavily worn office carpets, our range of  Industrial Floor Sweeper equipment allow you to produce high quality cleaning results, economically.

Keeping floors clear of dust, dirt and debris is essential in protecting equipment and workers. Brooms and dustpans are excellent for small localized messes but are not practical for keeping large areas clean. An Industrial Sweeper is an automatic cleaning platform that allows for an employee to efficiently sweep a floor and dispose of the collected waste.

Industrial Floor Sweepers use powerful sweeping brushes to collect loose material and deposit it under the sweeping units. The debris collected by the Industrial Sweeper is deposited into a hopper until disposal. A vacuum and filter system collect the light dust and dirt before being deposited in the material hopper.

In addition to manufacturing top-tier machines and pioneering cleaning innovations, WACER is your trusted partner for parts, supplies and services. Contact a WACER representative for a live demonstration, help customizing a commercial floor sweeper with your exact features and specifications, and to see how WACER will keep you cleaning consistently.

Some of Our Floor Sweepers

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Outdoor sweepers are larger and more powerful than indoor sweepers to deal with the rigors of cleaning outdoor surfaces like asphalt, bricks, and concrete. Our Sweeper range includes Walk Behind Floor Sweepers to Ride on Floor Sweepers. Utilizing large, circular brushes, outdoor sweepers are capable of sweeping up large debris and tough dirt buildup.

Our battery-operated street cleaners combines advanced operator features and ergonomics with eco-friendly, low-noise technology. Whether you need a powerful car park sweeper or pavement sweeper, you can count on WACER to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Quiet and emission-free, battery operated street sweepers are the smart and effective environmentally-friendly solution to cleaning large open spaces.

Featuring innovative design and advanced engineering, our battery-powered street cleaners are perfect for conquering areas previously limited to manual processes due to environmental sensitivities or space restrictions.



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Why Choose WACER?

WACER is proudly one of Australia’s leading suppliers of cleaning equipment and consumables. Serving the commercial cleaning industry for over 10 years, our team supplies professionals with high quality equipment from the industry’s trusted manufacturers. When it comes to pricing, we offer some of the most competitive deals on the market to save you big.

With WACER, our relationship doesn’t end at the conclusion of a sale. We offer complete services and repairs for everything we sell and can work on a range of other vacuums, polishers, sweepers, scrubbers, extractors, spotters and pressure washers. For clients in Perth, simply call our pick up and drop off team and we’ll arrange for your equipment to be repaired, maintained or serviced with one of our expert technicians.

When it comes to flexible pricing solutions, we can’t be beat. Our Flexi-Rent option allows you to buy assets without eating into your cash flow, upgrade to new models and claim your monthly payments as a tax deduction.

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Invest in your business and set yourself up for success with WACER. Stocking an extensive range of floor cleaning equipment from leading manufacturers and brands, we make it simple to get your hands on reliable, sturdy and effective cleaning machines.

Find out more about our range of floor sweeping equipment in Perth. Contact the WACER team today on (08) 9458 4400.