RCM Jumbo 962 Rider Floor Scrubber

RCM Jumbo 962 is the new Scrubber/Drier in the RCM medium-to large range, with its cleaning width from 80 cm up to 95 cm.

It is available with 80 and 95 cm disc brushes and 86 cm wide roller brushes; both versions with electronically adjustable pressure on brushes and liftable brushes. As all other RCM scrubber/driers, the drying is perfect even when the machine is turning, thanks to its side flaps and the 3 stages suction motor.

Under request, it is possible to purchase a 2 suction motor model, in order to have maximum drying even on irregular surfaces or with worn-out squeegee rubber.

Where to use

With a theoretical cleaning capacity of 4,000/4,750 sq.m/hour the Jumbo is suitable for cleaning large areas, including outdoors, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Hotels and large residences
  • Medium and large industrial premises
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Arcades and pavements
  • Pools and sports facilities

Features and benefits

  • Good visibility to front and both sides
  • All controls to hand reach and easy to operate
  • Easy access from both sides and wide space for legs and feet
  • Adjustable seat complete with back support suitable for operators of any height and long working shift
  • Disc brushes deck for aggressive cleaning task (Jumbo 812 S – 962 S)
  • Roller brushes deck for sweeping, scrubbung and drying the floor in once (Drive 862 RS)
  • Adjustable brush down pressure for heavy duty applications
  • Solution tank at front for easy filling and maximum traction
  • Robust steel chassis
  • Anti shocks brush head system
  • 36V powered and large battery compartment for long running time
  • Robust swinging in squeegee
  • Four sides squeegee blade



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